Some months ago The Ecologist (among others) was hyping a “battery breakthrough” with Lithium-air batteries. Revolution was imminent. Oil was doomed. The usual stuff. We will just have to wait maybe 10 years.

Any day. now!

As it turns out, serious doubts have been raised about the hyped study and the revolution is thus postponed.

That was fast

Of course ten years is a disappointingly long time for renewable energy enthusiasts to wait. But significantly, it’s about the length of time it takes to build a nuclear power station. Indeed, if you include all the time spent in preparation for new nuclear, it’s considerably quicker.

Few months is the time-scale for the Ecologist predictions to fail? Actually given that the paper seems to have degenerated into anti-GMO, anti-medicine, anti-nuclear etc. brain dead website, this is perhaps too generous. Currently, they seem to feature Chris Busby on their front page, which indicates the depth of their intellectual bankruptcy #facepalm.

Undoubtably this failure will not have any impact on the people contributing to the Ecologist. Failed predictions will simply be replaced by new ones predicting exactly the same.