David MacKay has written a fantastically readable book about “Sustainable energy — without hot air”. Rather than dwelling in a ideological dreamland, the book is firmly focused on the real world and real numbers. Some discussion is specific to UK, but most of it applies equally well elsewhere since the author wisely focuses on per capita quantities. While reading it I noticed that it is easier to delude one-self about some supposedly sustainable energy solutions, in the (nearly) uninhabited north (where I am from) than in the more densely populated south. If such computations are done independently for each country, for example, the amount of biomass per capita is much higher in Sweden and Finland than in UK. Consequently, if one ignores the ecological damage caused by the bioenergy, in the north one might be tempted to imagine bioenergy as more sustainable solution than it really is. (The forest growth in Finland/capita/year is around 20m^3.) Marketing such absurdities as global solutions reminds me of Marie-Therese’s notorious outburst to the hungry peasants: “Let them eat brioche!”