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Yesterday, I had an interesting discussion on how ecological it is to get drunk (, or drink alcohol in general). Distillation process is probably quite inefficient and must consume substantial amount of food and water. This discussion got me wondering, who among us actually lives ecologically in the most sustainable way? My current candidate for the most green group among us is “loser men”. Why? 1) They are the poorest of the poor, which implies that they cannot consume much. 2) Perhaps they are homeless, which means they will consume substantially less energy than others on heating etc. 3) They have an unhealthy life-style, which implies they will die younger without putting a strain on the environment for more than 80 years like many others do. 4) Due to their socioeconomical status, they are less likely to father children, which again implies dramatically reduced consumption. I wonder, if anyone can suggest a “greener” group. It would seem, that “the lowest of the low” among us talk less, but in practice live a life which is more ecological, than the life the rest of us are living.

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